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Sironta is a P2P collaborative tool used for exchanging, creating and editing documents that require teamwork.

Sironta connects two or more users without making any network changes to share files of any type and any size from anywhere in the world without violating the terms of confidentiality or the NDA that such documents may have.

The application has Linux, Windows and Mac OS versions. All three versions can be downloaded from Sironta's website.

  • Direct P2P communication tool.
  • Distributed network, not centralized on an external server.
  • OpenOffice embedded to create and edit documents.
  • Sharing files of any type and any size, without limitations or restrictions.
  • After editing a document, only changes are sent through the network, not entire files.
  • Possibility of editing documents off-line, without the need to beconnected to the network.
  • Maintainance of the confidentiality of documents and file sharing. There is no information leakage.
  • It is Open source, AGPL v3 license.
  • Works with files of any type of application you already have installed on your computer, from sharing calendars files (*.ics files) to Matlab files.