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TechIdeas® is developing state-of-the-art software supplying technology and conducting research in number of high profile projects.

  • Tratamiento 2.0 platform has been developed based on two fundamental objectives: 1. diagnostic aid, 2. support for home treatment. All this notwithstanding that in cases where that's possible treatment is performed in the patient's home.
    Website : [http://www.tratamiento20.es/tratamiento2.0.html]
  • SemSorGrid4Env project goal is to specify, design, implement, evaluate and deploy a service-oriented architecture and middleware which allows application developers to build open large-scale semantic-based sensor network grids for environmental management with real-world real-time data coming from heterogeneous sensor networks. The SemsorGrid4Env consortium includes: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain, Coordinator), University of Manchester (United Kingdom), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of Southampton (United Kingdom), Deimos Space (Spain), Emu Ltd. (United Kingdom) and TechIdeas (Spain).
    Website : [http://www.semsorgrid4env.eu]
  • BIONETS (BIOlogically inspired NETwork and Services) is a research project which goal is try to manage spontaneous ad-hoc wireless mobile networks to support services. Techideas has applied BIONETS paradigms to build a real time traffic information system that is being used in Taxis fleets.

  • OPAALS is a network of excellence established at the behest of the European Commission and currently being developed under the technical leadership of TechIdeas in a joint research effort with The London School of Economics, The University of Surrey and The Salzburg Technical University.
    Website : [http://www.opaals.eu]
  • Designing and implementing the Execution Environment of the Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) project, coordinated by SUN Microsystems®, in addition to the FADA and Swallow developments.
    Website : [www.digital-ecosystem.org]
  • P2P middleware development of the Hub for On-line Public Services (HOPS) coordinated by Barcelona City Council.
    Website : [www.hops-fp6.org]
  • Designing the software architecture for the Spanish Government-funded research Project PROFIT gCitizen, co-ordinated by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
    Website : [http://www.grycap.upv.es/eGov/gcitizen.html]