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TechIDEAS® is a custom software developer and technology provider rated by clients as one of the most innovative in the European IT and Communications sector. Central to our success is our team of truly talented people and our decision to develop an Open Innovation strategy, which centers upon the following core areas:

- Scale-free Networks and Next Generation research in software applications
- Collaborative Networking Environments
- Embedded Software Systems
- Large Scale Distributed Systems in Java and Open Source environments
- Advanced software platforms for wireless devices
- Designs built on Linux & Java Embedded Systems


TechIDEAS® envisions the end of system failures
Our purpose is to create and deliver self-managing, scale-free software systems that will bring about that change.


Our mission is to apply successful biological models to software engineering. To deliver failsafe, mission-critical systems that are reliable, adaptable, scalable and cost effective. Our systems are not restrained to a single, central control unit; instead they harness the power of large networks. We empower users to employ edge computing, furnishing them with high-performance systems that increase their competitive advantage.


Our innovation team is multi-disciplinary, including simulation experts, mathematicians, software engineers, telecommunication engineers, physicists and experts in bioinformatics. This combination of skills, know how and experience places TechIDEAS® in an enviable position to coordinate and manage highly complex technical innovation projects. Our team is engaged in a number of collaborations throughout the world, with leading researchers at both academic and corporate institutions.